TOP 10 Fidget Spinners – Weird and Wonderful

TOP 10 Fidget Spinners – Weird and Wonderful

Fidget Spinners are at an all time popularity, and developers all over are making them more flashy and more spectacular! Here is the Top 10 picks for the best ones out there now.

1) Emoji Spinner

The name says it all, this flashy fidget spinner is covered in Emoji’s and looks the part.
Image result for emoji fidget spinner
Get this great looking spinner here:




2) Ninja Star Spinner

Fancy yourself a Ninja? Get one of these and pretend you’re actually skilled enough to spin it within your fingers. (We all know you are, really)

Show off your Ninja skills by getting yours here:




3) Captain America Spinner

If you say Ironman is your favourite Avenger you need to watch this guys films more, this spinner details the Captain’s shield and is a real looker.

Stop Thor’s hammer with a decent spin here:




4) Playstation Pad Spinner

The classic look of the original Playstation controller is cleverly placed onto this Spinner, a must have for the Playstation gamer.

Get your game on here:





5) An Aluminium Spinner

It’s just great to look at, isn’t it? I’d have hours of enjoyment even before I span it in my fingers.
Get your awesome spinner here:





6) The Batarang Spinner

I’m Batman by the way, just throwing that out there. I use these spinners against the Joker on a daily basis. But when I’m not, I spin it.

Available in Black, Red and a cool white, get yours here:





7) Pikachu Spinner

Our beloved Pikachu, from Pokemon, remember that show everyone watched back in the day? Collected the cards? Went to conventions? …yeah I still do too.

Gotta catch all the spinners! But start with this one here:





8) LED Coloured Spinner

This one caught my eye something special, the colours and the fact it lights up, imagine it in the dark, just imagine…

Then when you’ve imagined enough and you need yours now, get it here:





9) Luxury High Performance

There’s a million or so Chrome Spinners out there, this one looks the best in my opinion, and it’s High Performance!

Be the talk of your Spinner friends and get yours here:




10) Rainbow Turbine Spinner

Last but not least this little gem has 7 gears, I’m not really sure what that means but it sounds good right?

And once you get it spinning it looks simply stunning. Get it here:






I hope you’ve enjoyed the Top 10 Fidget Spinners, my heart was in this one, they spin me right round baby, right round.


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